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Crustacean Behemoth

This Crustacean Behemoth Sci Fi Artwork was originally posted in 2012 or 2013. 1024×768, 1400×900, 1600×1200

April Fools Day Wallpaper

April Fools’ Day Wallpaper

Happy April Fools’ Day! Here’s a wallpaper you can put on your friends computer desktops to make them do a double-take. I stole this idea from somewhere else on the internet. At first I...


BioPunk Samurai Robots 01 p1

After 6 or 7 years of storyboarding, concepts, and plotting… I’m beginning 60 or 7 years of drawing the first issue… Joking. I’ll be drawing these fairly quickly – Maybe revising them someday, but...

Alien Hunter Pin-up Graphite Sketch

Alien Huntress Pin-Up

It’s been too long since I posted a print. I have a good stash of artwork built-up over the last couple years while I didn’t have a scanner… Including this sexy Alien-Huntress Pin-up sketch....

Tribal Bull Glyph Symmetrical Pen-Tablet Art

Tribal Bull Art

Started doing this pin-stripey digital sketches – They’re a lot fun, and being digital I can reflect the image to A: finish the piece more quickly, and B: do crazy lines that I have...

High Res Free Sketch Pattern

Grimey Tribal Gaffiti Digital Sketch

I think the best part about releasing stuff on the internet is not knowing where it is going to end up. This is a random reflected quasi symmetrical tablet painting. Tribal / graffiti sketch,...