Art Battle #327 Victoria BC

Midnight Blues Final

What a rush! I hadn’t painted in too long. And this event gave me a reason to paint and remember how much I love it.

I had been a little stressed out over the last few months – They say one can reduce stress by meditating 20 minutes per day. Art is meditation. I’ve been seeing these adult coloring books all over the place – meditation. I’ve begun picking up my art-books / canvases and I’m now very pleasantly relaxed.

Learn More About Art Battle (live competitive painting)

Below are some pictures from the Art Battle #327 event in Victoria BC. I had a great time competing in it and will be participating in another one soon!

For the first round I had all my ducks in a row – I had spent the previous day coming up with a design that looked sharp & could be executed in under 20 minutes… Below are some photos of that painting as I practiced it:

Practice Paintings “Midnight Blues”

To Download “Midnight Blues”, Click Here!

Adam McFadyen at Art Battle #327 in Victoria BC

Admittedly I had no idea what I was going to do for the final-round. My Mom & Sister suggested I re-create an old work of mine; which they both liked very much…

Cudos to Luke Connor Visual in Victoria BC for these awesome photos!

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