HeadSpin WIP


HeadSpin digital graffiti WIP

Alright, back to drawing what I like. I’ve been really focused on drawing this or that… Or messing with different mediums. I’ve been painting on canvas regularly for the first time in 2-4 years. I’m also pencil-sketching more.

Recently I came up with a doodle on paper… After about 15 attempts I was able to re-draw it digitally (ctrl+z is your best friend when sketching with a Wacom bamboo 5×5)

This digital / tribal graffiti features a reptilian alien face enshrined in bold angular flames and spirals. The color scheme is deep blue and green. Highlights, as well as purples and oranges, are coming… And a lot of clean-up in the background.

So, what’s new?

I’m trucking along. I’ve started a new job doing Laravel / Angular.js development and am really enjoying it… But I’ve been in a funk… Is it my kid’s behavior? Family matters? Is it, my relationship status? Lack of sleep? I don’t know what it’s been… But something has been off. There have been more plates spinning in my life than usual lately… I think I’ve found the answer. I’m not stressed enough. I feel scared and stressed because everything is okay. I know that may sound weird… But I actually thrive on stressful situations… Without pressure, I crumble. So, what I need to do is re-assess my current situation. Find some goals, and push to meet those goals.

5-Year Plan

Four years ago I made a 5-year plan… I accomplished this 5-year plan last year… Since then I’ve been on vacation. Starting my own business, raising a child 1/2 time on my own, and continuing to studying programming was the equivalent of two full-time jobs for me… I lived that way for a good couple of years. I learned a lot.

#1, there is no time off…

When you’re doing alright, you can’t take a break. You need to prep for the next wave. That’s all.

#2, you don’t know sh!t…

And that’s what makes you worthwhile. If you think you know it all, then no one worthwhile will invest in you. Show willingness to learn and change with everything around you. Even the brightest people in the world are useless if they refuse to accept new ideas.

#3, it’s not worth it…

Self-discipline isn’t for everyone. Even those who practice it diligently need to step back from it. It’s an addiction… That may be the only way it works. Maybe… You can’t buy it, you can’t learn it from a book, you just have it.

5 Year List of Things That Can Go Wrong

One of my favorite quotes is “A plan is just a list of things that can go wrong”. Having a plan is crucial. Putting your goals down on paper or pixels helps you remember where you’re going. A plan is your map to accomplish whatever the hell you like. Have a plan… Have goals… And when you complete those goals, make a new plan. My problem: my lack of drive, boredom, frustration… Has been coming from two things:

#1 Lack of a Plan

I haven’t had a firm goal. I know what I want but have not taken steps towards accomplishing it… That’s about as good as walking West to stay warm.

#2 Lack of Effort

I’ve been so busy lately… And by busy, I mean making excuses to not drive harder. Everyone needs a vacation sometimes… Even just some extra r&r during their normal routine… But I’ve made the mistake of not getting going again.

What to do?

  1. Write down things I want to do
  2. Budget my time between each thing
  3. Stick to my schedule
  1. Rinse & repeat.

That’s it. Those are the steps I take to be successful. I can’t emphasize enough; how important a schedule is. When you budget your time, stick to a schedule that gives you enough nutrition and recovery time… You’ll do great. That’s the plan, rinse & repeat. You can apply it to everything. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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