Chinese-Dragon, Abstract, Tribal, Grafitti, Sketch

Chinese-Dragon, Abstract, Tribal, Grafitti, Sketch

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything – here’s the latest.

I might take-up braiding. Working at a computer all day can tire out the hands – I’m thinking keeping a friendship bracelet taped to my desk could be a good way to clear my head when I need too & a way to keep my fingers nimble.

Come to think of it, geeks tend to have some unusual habits. A friend once told me about the “rubber ducky” approach to programming; wherein, users speak to a rubber-ducky out load as a problem-solving thought-exercise. Reciting the problem out loud can greatly help with getting a solution.

I’m also a fan of making lists… When I feel stressed, that life’s too much … I make a list.

Then I can see everything that’s “on my plate” in one place, I can imagine the time it will take each of the tasks, juggle priorities… Just thinking about things isn’t enough and can cause more problems than it solves. Listing things out doesn’t only help with keeping life in perspective… It also gives you a reference, so you won’t forget (which alleviates even more worry).

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