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BioPunk Samurai Robots 01 p1

After 6 or 7 years of storyboarding, concepts, and plotting… I’m beginning 60 or 7 years of drawing the first issue… Joking. I’ll be drawing these fairly quickly – Maybe revising them someday, but...

Samurai Robots

This Samurai Robot Comic is a preview of the series I have begun work on. OnBot, Samurai Robots and Other Epicness OnBot takes place in a quasi-Post-Apocalyptic setting. Robots and humans have previously struggled...

Trolling Craigslist For Kicks

There’s some Freaky Stuff on Craigslist There’s plenty of weird stuff on the internet… Craigslist gives you – the user – The ability to browse the freaky-stuff posted locally or worldwide. Craigslist also gives...

Larp Geeks

LARP stands for ‘Live Action Role-Play’ – It’s basically where a bunch of people dress up like super-heroes or medieval or steam-punk, vampires, or whatever, and play dungeons & dragons in real-life. It’s funny...

Red Town Beta

The script isn’t mine, I started working on this after my son was born and have lost contact with the author… I’d like to finish the comic one day, it’s really good.

Drinking Problem

Actually no… That’s not “pirate juice” it’s caustic. … Don’t do that. Thanks for the inspiration Greg Teuling

Lost Coat

Hate when this happens… My friend Roberto-Sanchez and I had this conversation one night. I was looking for my coat in a dark hallway and he lit his lighter to help me see. We...