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HeadSpin WIP

Alright, back to drawing what I like. I’ve been really focused on drawing this or that… Or messing with different mediums. I’ve been painting on canvas regularly for the first time in 2-4 years....

Midnight Blues Final

Art Battle #327 Victoria BC

I had been a little stressed out over the last few months – They say one can reduce stress by meditating 20 minutes per day. Art is meditation. I’ve been seeing these adult coloring...


BioPunk Samurai Robots 01 p1

After 6 or 7 years of storyboarding, concepts, and plotting… I’m beginning 60 or 7 years of drawing the first issue… Joking. I’ll be drawing these fairly quickly – Maybe revising them someday, but...

Alien Hunter Pin-up Graphite Sketch

Alien Huntress Pin-Up

It’s been too long since I posted a print. I have a good stash of artwork built-up over the last couple years while I didn’t have a scanner… Including this sexy Alien-Huntress Pin-up sketch....

Insect Skull on Leaves, by: Adam McFadyen

Insect Skull on Leaves, by: Adam McFadyen

Just a fun abstract digital sketch from 2014. I hesitated to publish this one – Because it’s not my best work – But you never know what people will like! Please enjoy responsibly. Ion...