Trolling Craigslist For Kicks

Trolling Craigslist For Kicks

There’s some Freaky Stuff on Craigslist

There’s plenty of weird stuff on the internet… Craigslist gives you – the user – The ability to browse the freaky-stuff posted locally or worldwide. Craigslist also gives people all over the world the capability to post an advertisement in locations far from where they reside…

So next time you’re bored with videos of cats and checking what of your ‘friends’ are excited, upset about (there’s really no middle-ground on social-media channels… people are either amped or sad… or they post whatever they’re thinking about and who wants to read that… Ever notice how the rain can sound just like a fire?)

Anyhow, once you’re done with what you’re doing, be sure to hop on craigslist and see what kind of livestock is available for barter in Iqaluit… Wait no, I just checked… you can’t… Apparently craigslist hasn’t recognized the Canadian city of Iqaluit… Looks like I’m going to have to change the world… Let’s get Iqaluit on craigslist!

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