Good Gravy! I Should Update This Thing.

Ok, so it’s been a while, since I’ve blogged just for the sake of blogging. I’ve been doing some writing about web-development over at … But what about Adam the Artist, what’s making him tick these days? Well for starters he’s well aware that of the billions of people on this planet he’s not the most interesting… But for some reason you, the random internet viewer has graced his humble domain with your presence. Welcome!


I’ve been drawing a lot but not posting any of it. This last couple years were spent getting my web-development business off the ground & getting my home-life sorted out. I ended up finishing my web-design certification & becoming a single-parent in the same year… Lucky thing I finished my certification, because it helped me find a job teaching.

After teaching for a year I spent a year freelancing (not the best idea in Victoria BC… There’s a lot of competition… E-Lancing would have been a more sensible approach.) The experience of starting my own business isn’t one I could replace and it taught me a lot. After freelancing for a year I spent a year as a commercial-painter and learned a whole bunch more. I’m very grateful to have a trade up my sleeve.

Nowadays I’m working at a Web-Software Company and enjoying it very much.

I haven’t stopped drawing by any means, i just haven’t had a working scanner for sometime & tend to take waaay to long with my photoshop paintings. I plan to start posting again once I find my groove. Between work, parenthood, side-projects and fitness it can be hard to find time for my artwork… Hopefully I’ll have time to commit once a week in the new-year.

The first issue of the ON-Bot comic is storyboarded… and I have plenty of sketches to show off… I just don’t like posting anything but my coolest stuff. Maybe I should get over that and rev things up again… Maybe I’ll start posting pictures of my sketchbook I take with my camera on my facebook-page… Time’ll tell. Cheers!

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