Mek Soldier wip 002

mek soldier wip

I’ve been working on this sketch turned digital-painting on and off for over a month now. While trying to embrace backgrounds more and with that have uncovered the secret to background terrain: “mottling” using disjointed patches of tone layered with medium to low opacity works great! In the past I’ve gotten stuck trying to cross-hatch or outline pebbles and hills… This mottling technique is really working well.

I’m adding texture & depth in greyscale and will add color later via new layers with adjusted opacity ( multiply layer mode in photoshop works great )

mek soldier wip color

While I haven’t had a great deal of formal training I’m hoping to progress with my work as time goes on and know that studying, not just practicing is going to be a large part of that.

I’ve also realized that I’ll need to plot my comic… Meandering wherever the story takes me is not going to turn out well… Although storyboarding the first 20 pages has given me some great setting ideas.

** UPDATE ** This one turned out great! Mech Soldier With Flag

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