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Dark Fractal Digital Art

Fractal Polarity

I love this piece. “Fractal Polarity” was part of an example I did for a photoshop-class. I made this graphic using the techniques described in this tutorial. My favorite part about this piece is...

Red Town Beta

The script isn’t mine, I started working on this after my son was born and have lost contact with the author… I’d like to finish the comic one day, it’s really good.

Sun-Spot Dark Radial Digital Art

Sun Spot

There’s not much to say about this graphic here. It’s just some bits and piece from random vector-graphics, imported to photoshop and the scaled up to encourage anti-aliasing. “Sun Spot” was put together in...

SpyWare Dark Psychedelic Digital Art


Spyware is an evolution of an india-ink & acrylic painting I made back in 2004. As you can see below it went through more than one iteration. At one point I was considering using...

Database Dark Geometric Digital Art


One of three geometric database-themed designs I created in 2009 – The shapes in the background are vector outlines of scanned memory-cards. The database-series was one of my earliest attempts at creating digital-art using...

Fire and Water Abstract Painting

Fire & Water Abstract Painting

This graphic was refined from photos of two separate paintings. In real-life, the fiery-orange-side and blue-water-side are on two different 16″ x 20″ canvases. These abstract paintings were photographed separately then blended together using...