Hi I’m Adam & I Overdraw Things

So I have this little problem… I take hours upon hours to complete artwork.

And I’ve got other stuff to do so it takes me a really long time to finish anything… But I’m hoping to find more time for my art in 2014… Or maybe just not polish each piece to perfection, and create more work thereby increasing my sense of accomplishment and encouraging me to draw more.

Anyhow… This is the piece i’ve been working on for the past couple months.

Abstract Airbrushed BieMec Graffiti Monster Digital Painting

And seeing as it took me so long to get to this point, here’s a snapshot of where it was 6 weeks or so ago… I may continue to work on it, but I think I’d like to shelf-it and get back to some other work.

Abstract Airbrushed Digital Painting Progression Series

One of the reasons I’ve been so lazy with my artwork lately is because I don’t currently have a scanner. It’s a funny thing, I got asked to buy one for a 6 pack of beer and I said ‘Nono, take it to goodwill, someone else could use it’ and sure enough the next time I went to use my scanner it didn’t work.

I have some great sketches I’m looking forward to inking in photoshop. I should hit the sketchpad more and get away from this screen more often.

All the best,
– Adam McFadyen

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