Make Global Warming Stop

gasmask kid

Right, so… We’re all doomed. The fields are drying up, things keep catching on fire.

But there’s nothing you can do. It’s the big corporations doing all the damage, isn’t it? How is turning off your lights and turning down the heat going to make a dent in this problem..? Well it probably isn’t… And this goofball isn’t helping things much.

But we all know that… So here are some other ways to not only help appease the weather gods, but to cut down on polution in general.

Don’t Use Shaving Cream

It’s getting hotter and you want us to stop shaving?

Well no… Don’t stop shaving, unless you want to… But take a moment to consider how much shaving cream costs. Shaving cream is an unnecessary product. You can get the same job done with a shaving-brush and a bar of soap. This little life-hack is not only going to save you money but it will keep shaving cream cans out of our landfills.

Remember, every product you don’t buy is another product that doesn’t have to be produced, packaged, and shipped to you.

…eat less meat

I’m really sorry to even mention it, but it’s a thing. Cows consume a lot of food and water. At the time this article was posted it takes roughly 441 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of boneless beef.

So, you could cut back on the grocery store meats and eat what you kill.

You know what’s better than a slab of beef? A slab of beef that you killed and trucked home yourself.

Use Biodegradeable Soaps

I want you to save money, live better, and cut back on making a mess of where we live.

… And to do that, well part of it includes cutting back on the crap we pour down the drain. ARM & HAMMERâ„¢ has some good stuff. And the kicker? It’s pretty cheap too. If that doesn’t get your laundry fresh enough, boost it with some oxyclean (I’m pretty sure that stuff’s not as bad as bleach and sodium lauryl sulfate).

Point being: You don’t have to pay a lot for biodegradable / natural soaps. True, it’s a fad and companies are charging an arm and a leg… But keep your eyes open

Shop Local

Make an effort to buy stuff that is produced close to you. Doing so means it has to travel less… That means less fuel burned, less bugs killed (joking! but it’s true), and you keep your $$ close to home.

In closing…

Just do what you can. We’re all sharing this place. Don’t be that shitty roommate. Keep it clean… Or at very least non-toxic.